Open Spaces

Wellington is shaped by its beautiful open spaces - the harbour, the Town Belt, the Outer Green Belt, our botanic gardens and the South Coast are amongst many of our valued public outdoor areas.

Open spaces provide us with recreation, preserve the environment, maintain the beauty of the landscape, and safeguard our natural heritage.

The Council works to protect, enhance and promote Wellington's liveable and accessible environment through the use of these areas.

The Council manages around 3,500ha of open space, including:

  • 2,500ha of bush, reserves and Town Belt
  • 200ha of general purpose parks
  • the South Coast and harbour
  • 100ha of sportsgrounds
  • 100km of maintained walkways
  • over 100 children's play areas
  • 3,600 m² of annual bedding
  • 7ha of gardens and shrub areas.