Support & funding

How the Council supports environmental community groups in Wellington and sources of funding for these groups.

Council support

The Council can support those wanting to set up a group, and can provide advice on developing restoration plans and funding environmental projects. We can also help organise, publicise and provide practical help for working bees.

The Council also supports environmental community groups through the community greening programme. Advice and assistance is provided to community groups who wish to look after their local park or reserve.

Free plants for environmental community groups and residents

The Council also provides free native plants to

  • environmental community groups - for revegetation projects
  • residents - for planting on road reserves and reserves next to private property.

Free Plants

Funding for ecological restoration projects

Community groups and private landowners can apply for funding for ecological restoration projects. The list below provides information and contact details for organisations, government departments and ministries that can supply this funding:

Funding Sources for Ecological Restoration Projects (76KB PDF)