Trelissick Park Group

A history documenting the restoration of Trelissick Park to a native bush wilderness was launched in the reserve on Waitangi Day at the historic Powder Magazine Building – which has quite a history of its own.

Frances Lee and Peter Reimann.

Frances Lee (motivator) and Peter Reimann, author of the group's 'History'

The 1879 building, built to store gunpowder, was almost destroyed by bank robbers in December 2000 when they set fire to the Chubb security van they had robbed, which was hidden in the old building.

The History of the Trelissick Park Group was written by Peter Reimann for the Onslow Historical Society. Peter is current chair of the Trelissick Park Group.

The ‘History’, written in two journals, covers the 22 years of the group’s efforts to restore the park, along with some earlier history.

“Although this is nominally a history of the Group, the on-going restoration towards a native bush wilderness was really a huge collaborative effort with the city and regional councils, local associations, corporate groups and volunteers,” Peter says.

“The Park has now become a gem only five to 10 minutes from the city centre and an important part of the ecological corridor from the harbour to the Outer Green Belt.”

In writing the history, Peter was assisted by Frances Lee, a main motivator of the Trelissick Park Group from its formation in 1991, and Judy Siers from the Onslow Historical Society, who was a Wellington City Councillor for much of the period, and others. Barry Durrant and Frances Lee provided most of the photos.

Copies of the ‘History’ can be obtained from the Onslow Historical Society rooms at the old Khandallah Automatic Telephone Exchange, 86 Khandallah Road, which are open on Sunday afternoons.