Taking Action

Find out what actions we're taking to help protect and restore biodiversity in Wellington.

Little blue penguin. Image by Craig McKenzie.

Little blue penguin

The Council in action

Wellington City Council aims to protect and restore biodiversity through a range of projects and services.

  • Natural habitat
    Council programmes aim at planting appropriate ecosourced native species across Wellington. This will create a variety of habitats in dunes, wetland, streams and forests. The Council works to restore these habitats closer to their original, natural state.
  • Native species
    Council-funded facilities such as Otari-Wilton's Bush and Zealandia provide habitat for a range of native species. These facilities, along with Wellington Zoo, are involved in advocacy and education programmes for native species.
  • Planting
    Council programmes such as Two Million Trees aim to plant appropriate species and transition some areas from exotic to indigenous plant life.
  • Pests
    The Council's pest management programme works to control plant and animal pests, such as banana passionfruit and possums.

Bird projects

Zealandia is keen for people to contact them with kaka sightings, using its website, so it can get more comprehensive information about the bird population. For an update on recent kaka activity, see:

Protecting a Kaka Chick

Masters student Kerry Charles is studying Wellington's kaka population - and she needs your help:

Kereru Discovery Project

More information

Myfanwy Emeny, Biodiversity Coordinator

Phone 04 803 8549
Email myfanwy.emeny@wcc.govt.nz