BioBlitz Go!

We held a bioblitz at Zealandia Ecosanctuary and the surrounding halo in February 2017.

Photo of a young tuatara on the ground.

Juvenile tuatara by Janice McKenna


What’s a BioBlitz?

It's like Pokemon Go except it has a real world use! Instead of catching digital creatures, you’re out looking for real living organisms. It could be plants, animals, microbes, lichens, mosses, fungi, or anything else that you and your camera stumble across. We do this over a fixed period of time, usually 24 or 48 hours – so it’s intense!

How did we record species?

We made all our observations through the or through the mobile app iNaturalist (Google Play | iTunes) that links through to the iNaturalist website.

What did we find?

We observed on 2 days; 1 day with local school children and the second day with the general public. We made nearly 1000 observations with the local school kids – see them on BioBlitz Go! - iNaturalist. Our general public day recorded nearly 1500 BioBlitz Go! observations on iNaturalist.

In total we observed 858 species of diatoms, bryophytes, plants, fungi, invertebrates, birds, and reptiles. Here's our full species list available for download:

Full List (109KB Excel)
Birds (4KB CSV)Bryophytes (19KB CSV)Diatoms (29KB CSV) | Fungi (8KB CSV)Invertebrates (1KB CSV)Plants (30KB CSV)Reptiles (1KB CSV)References and Abbreviations (19KB CSV)

More information

Ali Whitton, Parks, Sport and Recreation