Boundary activities

If you are building or extending your home you may qualify for a boundary activity.

An activity is a boundary activity if:

  • resource consent is required due to the infringement of one or more ‘boundary rules’
  • no other District Plan rules are infringed
  • no ‘infringed boundary’ is a public boundary such as a park or a road.

A boundary rule in relation to the District Plan includes those rules about recession planes, yards, and fences. It excludes site coverage and maximum height, so if your proposal infringes one of these rules then you will need to go through the standard resource consent process.


Application for deemed permitted boundary activity (503KB PDF)

With your application you will need to supply us with:

  • a description of the activity
  • a plan (drawn to scale) of the site at which the activity is to occur, showing the height, shape, and location on the site of the proposed activity
  • the full name and address of each owner of the property with an infringed boundary
  • written approval from each owner of the property with an infringed boundary, including their signatures on the plan
    Written approval for deemed permitted boundary activity (507KB PDF).

Time frame

If we agree that your proposal is a boundary activity we will provide you with a written notice stating that the activity is permitted.

The Council has 10 working days to provide this. Unlike a resource consent application, the Council has no ability to request further information.

If you make an application for a boundary activity but don't provide the information listed above, or we determine that other rules are infringed, then your activity doesn't qualify and we must return the application to you.

Similarly, if you make an application for resource consent, but we determine that the application actually includes all the necessary information to qualify as a boundary activity, then we must provide a boundary exemption and return your consent application.

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