Removing a building built before 1930

Neighbourhoods within Wellington with a distinct character are identified in the District Plan. These areas have significant concentrations of pre-1930s buildings.

Wooden fretwork detail.

As part of our role to preserve Wellington’s unique streetscape, we need you to apply for a resource consent if you plan to demolish or remove a building that was built or approved for construction before 1930. This does not include accessory buildings like a shed or a garage.

The areas where this applies are:

You can search our archives if you want more information about your building.

We recommend that you meet us for a pre-application meeting before you apply to demolish or remove a pre-1930s building.

At the pre-application meeting you can explain why the existing building needs to be demolished. With our urban design advisors, we will give you feedback on the contribution we think the building makes to the streetscape. If it makes a significant contribution, you may want to reconsider your options. If it doesn't, and you intend to replace the building with another, we can discuss your proposal details.

What to include in your resource consent application

While the documentation you need will depend on your project, these documents will help with your application:

  • if you are intending to demolish, provide engineer’s evidence which demonstrates it is unfeasible to repair and refurbish the existing building
  • for any new development, provide scaled plans including elevations, floor plans and a site plan
  • provide a written assessment of the environmental effects of the development. You can use the Ministry for Environment’s example as a template.

The outcome of any application will depend on

  • the quality of information you provide
  • the planning officer's and advisors’ assessments of your proposal
  • the proposal’s effects on the neighbourhood.

More information

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