Food trucks

Food safety requirements apply when you are operating a food truck.

Food trucks, also known as mobile food premises, is a licenced, motorised vehicle used to sell food. Food trucks often contain all facilities they require to prepare and cook food safely on-board.

Why do we insist on safety?

Food trucks are increasing in popularity and have become important features at many festivals and markets. Food trucks can pose a higher risk to consumers than other cafes and restaurants due to their, lack of facilities and small space which may potentially lead to cross contamination. 

Application process

You are required to register with the Council prior to trading within Wellington. As we are unable to see you working before registration you need to provide the following information with your completed Certificate of Registration form

  • a drawing or photographs of your proposed food truck setup
  • details of the types of food you are planning to sell
  • any details of a preparation kitchen you plan to use

Guidelines for operating a food truck

Food trucks are a great way to move your food around the city. Your mobile food truck must be suitably constructed for food preparation and handling and sale activities.

When considering building or buying a food truck please ensure the following:

  • all surfaces such as floors, walls, ceiling, shelving, benches (where provided), must be smooth, impervious and easily cleanable
  • ventilation is provided to maintain comfortable conditions for people working in the truck, to prevent condensations and remove objectionable odours
  • sufficient space must be provided for all those working in the truck and to allow access for effective cleaning
  • sink and hand wash basins are to be provided with a supply of hot water that will allow effective cleaning and handwashing throughout the period that the mobile vehicle is being operated
  • wastewater must be drained to a holding tank of sufficient capacity and then disposed of into the sewerage system or through a sink attached to a grease trap
  • if you have a lack of space to prepare food, you may use an alternative preparation kitchen. Please ensure that the preparation kitchen you intend to use is covered by your registration.