What is a verification

A verification was previously known as an inspection, but with the introduction of new legislation (Food Act 2014) this has become a bit more in-depth.

Rather than popping in to check on the premises, the verifier will now look at wider aspects of your business that relate to food safety, These areas might include; paperwork, temperature monitoring, long term maintenance plans, cleaning schedules, and staff training. At this visit, the verifier will get a better idea of how you run your business throughout the year and what systems you have in place to address food safety risks every day.

How often will you be verified

How often you are verified will depend on the type of business you run and how well you did at your last verification. Typically this should be once a year, but could be as frequently as every three months if you are not doing so well. If you are considered a great operator you may be verified every 18 months.

How long does a verification take

This will depend on the types of processes you use within your business and the size of your business. Generally, it will take 1.5 – 3 hours onsite and additional time to follow up any corrective actions that you may be issued.

Who can be your verifier

  • If you are registered with your local council and operate under a Food Control Plan (FCP), you will be verified by an officer at your local council.
  • If you are registered with your local council under a National Programme (NP), you can choose to use an officer at your local council or you can choose from Ministry of Primary Industries' list of approved third party verifiers


FCP standard verification $620 
FCP reduced verification (for some mobile operators only) $310
NP standard verification $310
Additional time (per hour) $155

More information

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