Fees for registering a food premises.

If you're a food seller setting up a new business or taking over an existing business you'll need to register under the Food Act 2014.

Food Control Plan and National Programme services and fees

Service Charges (including GST)

Registration of a Food Control Plan or National Programme

New registration  $155.00
Pre-opening inspection (minimum 1 hour) $155.00
Additional time (per hour) $155.00
Annual re-registration (FCP - Annually) $77.50 
 Annual re-registration (NP - Bi annual)  $77.50
Verification inspections (per site) What is a verification?
Standard Food Control Plan verification $620.00 
Standard National Programme Verification  $310.00
Additional time (per hour) $155.00
Changes to your registration
Significant changes  $155.00
Minor changes  $77.50
Change of circumstance  $77.50
Voluntary suspension $77.50
Issue of enforcement notice  $155.00
Application for review of outcome $155.00
Statement of compliance  $77.50
Additional charges for time spent on site (per hour) $155.00
Operating without a registration
Grease trap fees
Grease converter

Grease trap: Big Dipper or Passive


Grease trap: shared $70.00

Pay a food sellers fee

Late payments

Late payments are calculated as Charge + 10%. You can pay either online or at the Council's Service Centre.

Terms of payment

Payment of additional fees is due by the 20th of the month following invoice processing. 

A late payment will incur:

  • an additional administrative fee, the lesser of 10% of the overdue amount or $300
  • all costs and expenses associated with recovery of the overdue amount, including debt collection or legal fees
  • daily interest at a rate of 15% per annum from the date of default.

Council Contact Centre

Phone 04 499 4444
Email info@wcc.govt.nz
Mobile Free text 3400
Fax 04 801 3138