Quality assurance and building consents

This information is for building owners, building contractors, architects and designers to develop quality assurance parameters for your project.

It aims to promote consistent application of the quality assurance (QA) process during building consent and construction within Wellington City – from lodging your consent application to receiving the code compliance certificate.

The purpose of the QA programme is to clearly demonstrate that the work meets the requirements of the building consent, building code and Building Act 2004.  It will outline the checks and documentation to be provided by those carrying out and supervising the work to the Council prior to the issue of a Code Compliance Certificate.

When is a QA required

  • Three or more residential units
  • Staged consents
  • Large commercial
  • Residential or commercial weathertightness remedial re-clads (full or partial) including timber remediation
  • Change of use to multi-use accommodation creating three or more units
  • Complex projects  i.e. infrastructure projects and significant alternative solutions (this would be identified at a pre-application meeting)

If you are working on a large or complex project, you may need to have a pre-application meeting with the Council.

What should be included in the QA

Your QAs level of detail depends on your building project’s size and complexity. All QAs will have a check sheet comprising:

  • Site details, job scope and building consent number
  • Name and details of the contractors undertaking/supervising the work
  • Description of the areas/elevations of the work
  • Timeline with dates and key events summary

Quality assurance plan template (11KB XLSX)

Who is responsible for ensuring the QA documentation is complete

The main contractor is responsible for ensuring the QA documentation is completed, managed, and a copy provided to the WCC at the end.  This is identified on the consent documentation and addenda. Other stakeholders add information about their work. These may be:

  • Façade engineer
  • Structural engineer
  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Timber remediation expert / registered building surveyor
  • Peer reviewers

Agreement to provide a QA programme on completion of work - Form (229KB RTF)

More information

If you have any questions about this process or want more information, contact the Building Compliance and Consents team: bcc@wcc.govt.nz