Pre-application meetings

If you are working on a large or complex project, you may need to have a pre-application meeting with the Council.

Pre-application meetings are strongly recommended for the following types of building consent applications:

  • commercial, communal residential, or short-term sleeping accommodation with an estimated value of work over $2 million
  • residential with an estimated value of work over $1 million or where there are three or more adjoined units
  • for remedial weathertightness recladding
  • where the site is located within a specific design wind speed or where the risk score under E2/AS1 is over 20
  • work which is to be staged over more than one building consent
  • work which will result in a change of use or the creation of additional household units (Fire Assessment will need to be completed)
  • work to existing buildings where full compliance to C/AS1-7 is not demonstrated and CVM2 is not proposed (Fire Assessment will need to be completed)

Building consent applications for work of this type which have not had a pre-application meeting are more likely to be rejected.

Booking a meeting

You need to submit the online form to arrange a meeting. This will let the Council organise the right people to consider your application. You should also provide the Council with some outline drawings so that we can give you informed advice.

Once the Council has assessed your pre-application meeting brief, and confirmed that you have supplied all the information we need, we will contact you to make an appointment. If you don't supply all the information your request for a pre-application meeting will be not be accepted.

If your supporting documentation exceeds the size limit for uploading when filling in this form, email it to after you have completed the online form.
In your email, make sure you include the following details, the same as those you enter in the online form:

  • your full name or your company's name
  • the property address.


The first two hours of the Council officers' time is free. After this, the pre-application meeting will be charged at the officer rate of $163.50 per hour. If additional specialist advice is needed, this will also be charged to the applicant.