Resource consent pre-application meetings

You can meet with us to discuss your proposal before you submit a resource consent application. These meetings can save you time and money later.

Decide which meeting is right for you

We offer two kinds of pre-application meeting:

  • a short meeting with a planning technician, which is free
  • an in-depth meeting with a Council planner, which costs $155 per hour.

Book a short meeting

You can book a 15 to 30-minute meeting with a planning technician before you start your project. They can give you a high-level understanding of:

  • whether your project will need a resource consent
  • what you need to do to get it
  • which District Plan rules are likely to be triggered by your proposal.

What it costs

These short meetings are free.

How to book

These meetings are held at our offices, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 11.30am. Phone 04 801 3590 or email

Book an in-depth meeting

Once you know your project will need resource consent, you can book a pre-application meeting to get in-depth feedback before you apply.

You and/or your agent (usually a planner, surveyor or architect) will meet with a Council planner who will give detailed feedback on your project. The meeting may also involve other Council specialists – for example, a traffic engineer, heritage advisor or urban design advisor.

There are two kinds of in-depth pre-application meeting:

  • standard pre-application meeting – meet with us at our offices to get detailed feedback and notes on your proposal
  • comprehensive pre-application meeting – we will visit your proposed development site and meet with you to discuss possible issues, potential affected parties and mitigations.

If your proposal is complex, you may need multiple meetings before you're ready to apply.

What it costs

For in-depth meetings, we charge $155 an hour per Council officer for the time we spend:

  • preparing for the meeting
  • at the meeting
  • documenting and peer reviewing our advice.
You'll be sent an invoice after the meeting.

How to book

Fill in our online form: Book a pre-application meeting

You'll need to include:

  • the names of any advisors you want to bring with you
  • information about your proposal – for example site photos, a location plan, drawings or plans, or any reports you have commissioned
  • any particular issues you'd like to discuss.

We'll contact you within 3 working days to organise the meeting.

Before the meeting

To get the most out of the meeting:

  • send us your plans and any relevant documents at least 3 days before the meeting
  • email us beforehand to let us know who you're bringing with you, and if there are any particular issues you’d like to discuss.

We may talk to you about whether we need to invite other Council specialists to attend the meeting – for example, an urban designer, traffic engineer or heritage advisor. This is to make sure we can answer your questions and identify any issues or concerns early on.

At the meeting

You can bring your advisors (for example, planning, traffic, surveying) with you to the meeting.

During the meeting, we will advise:

  • the District Plan rules that are likely to be triggered
  • which other Council approvals are likely to be required
  • if any specialist reports are likely to be required for your application
  • key areas to focus on in your application.

You'll also get feedback on the design of your proposal – as well as feedback from a resource consent planner, this can include feedback from urban design, heritage, traffic, geotechnical and/or noise experts.

We cannot advise at the meeting if your resource consent:

  • will be approved
  • needs to be notified
  • has any affected parties.

After the meeting

We'll email you a record of what we discussed, usually within 5 working days of the meeting.

So we can provide consistent, high-quality guidance, a second planner will peer review our advice before we send it to you.

Please note:

  • if you change your proposal after the pre-application meeting, our advice may no longer apply
  • while we try to keep this a confidential process, we may have to disclose information you provide to us if another person requests it under the Local Government and Official Information and Meetings Act 1987
  • the advice we give you is not legally binding
  • you can make your application at any stage, even if there are  unresolved matters from the meeting.

Need help?

The Resource Consents team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Resource Consents
Phone: 04 801 3590