Betty Campbell Accommodation Assistance Grants

This grant is for rental costs for office space in the central city for organisations delivering services that promote social well-being for Wellingtonians.

Betty Campbell

Betty Campbell

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Value of grant

Grants are allocated once a year, subject to available funds. The maximum grant is $10,000 per year and is limited to 30% of eligible rental.

About this grant

Through this fund we can support organisations who:

  • provide direct services to promote social wellbeing for Wellington residents (see criteria for definition of social wellbeing)
  • contribute to building community capability and/or capacity for Wellington residents by providing coordination and support for other groups. Supporting other groups might mean providing training opportunities, support services, or guidance
  • have office space within central Wellington city i.e. central business district area.

Accommodation assistance grants:

  • will generally be allocated for periods of 3 years at a time, but may be made for shorter periods where this is more appropriate
  • may be made for reduced amounts in subsequent years as organisations gain independence from the fund
  • will be made keeping in mind other policies such as accessibility and current Council priorities
  • can be made to community groups submitting joint proposals for office space, or proposals where a sharing of resources or communal space is included
  • will only be made to organisations, or clusters of groups, requiring office accommodation for 30 or more hours per week. 

Betty Campbell

Betty Campbell was an Eastern ward councillor for 15 years from 1968 and helped established the community services section of the council, which supported community and pensioners centres, citizens advice bureau and a shoppers crèche. In the early 1980’s Betty promoted and advocated for a permanent home for voluntary agencies in Wellington which opened in 1988, initially above the James Smith Car Parking Building and then later at the Harbour City Centre, the home for 45 organisations carried her name. In 2006 this became the accommodation assistance fund. You can read more about Betty Campbell here.


  1. Provide direct services to promote social well-being for Wellington residents (Social wellbeing means living in a supportive, ongoing community and having access to shelter, education, food and income.)
  2. Contribute to building community capability, and / or capacity for promoting social wellbeing for Wellington residents, by providing coordination and support for other groups.
  3. Office space is located within the Wellington rate-paying area and the organisation offers services that are accessible to all Wellingtonians.
  4. Are groups, or clusters of groups, renting accommodation for 30 or more hours per week.
  5. Are not-for-profit.
  6. Observe the required reporting and accountability standards.
  7. Plan for long-term sustainability (in line with the Council's goal of developing self-sustaining communities).
  8. Have effective management and governance.
  9. Demonstrate how they contribute to building community capability and / or capacity.
  10. Demonstrate how they reduce social disadvantage for Wellington residents.
  11. Services and accommodation are physically and financially accessible to intended users.
  12. Take a lead in providing coordination, support or guidance for other groups.
  13. Are seen as actively contributing to the city's social infrastructure by helping to grow capability and capacity within and between community groups.
  14. Are in line with the Council's policies and programmes, such as Accessible Wellington, Positive Ageing Policy and the Intercultural Framework.

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