Wellington City Council operates two cemeteries, at Karori and Makara. There is a crematorium and two chapels at Karori Cemetery, and an urupā at Makara Cemetery. Bolton Street Cemetery is closed for burial and is managed as a public garden.

Cemetery services – Covid-19 update

Covid-19 Alert Level 4 restrictions for funerals and tangi mean that we have to limit cemetery and burial services at our cemeteries. More information can be found here.

Gatherings are not permitted at burials, cremations, memorial services, open or closed caskets or viewings, funeral wakes, processions or receptions and social gatherings, both indoors and outdoors.

However Ministry of Health guidelines do allow family or whanau, who have been in the same isolation bubble as the deceased, to attend the burial.

Viewing of the deceased at a funeral home is also allowed by members who have been in the same isolation bubble.

What our cemeteries will offer during Alert Level 4:

  • Burial and crematorium services – there will be no chapel or graveside services, but family or whanau in the same isolation bubble as the deceased can attend the burial or come to the crematorium, but they can’t go into the crematorium or attend the cremation. A booking for a cremation must be made prior to the service.
  • Burial plot purchases – burial plot purchases  will be prioritised and will only be available to families who have lost a loved one.
  • Genealogy research – examination of physical records held at cemetery offices is not available until further notice. Searches can still be completed online.

For all cemetery related questions, please email cemeteries@wcc.govt.nz or phone the Karori Cemetery office on 04 4766109.

Search cemetery records

The Council's cemetery and crematorium records can be viewed online.

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        Cremations take place at the Karori Crematorium, Monday to Friday.

        Purchase a plot

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            For more information about cemeteries in Wellington, you can contact the Cemetery Office during business hours on (04) 4766 109 or cemeteries@wcc.govt.nz.

            Note: There are some private cemeteries in the Wellington area.