Masons Screen

Masons Screen is an outdoor 24-hour public screen for artists' videos.

Supported by Wellington City Council and programmed by CIRCUIT Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand, Masons Screen presents a new artist’s work each month.

The screen is located on Masons Lane – a pedestrian walkway between The Terrace and Lambton Quay.

Call for proposals

A call for new works is issued via CIRCUIT and Wellington City Council. Works must be made by a Wellington-based or affiliated artist, or as part of a project in the Wellington region.

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Still from Martin Rumsby's Sojourn.

Sojurns (2018)


Current video

Sojourns (2018)

9 minutes 25 seconds

Artist: Martin Rumsby
Date: 8 November–5 December

"Some dreams are wiser than waking. A mixed-up bricolage of dreams and remembrances. Exaggerations and repressions of living in Wellington, 1984/85.”- MR

Still from 'The light between two points' video by artist Talia Smith.

The light between two points (2018)


Upcoming video

The light between two points (2018)

8 minutes 38 seconds, digital video, silent

Artist: Talia Smith
Date: 6 December 2018–16 January 2019

A collaboration between the Sydney-based artist and their mother in Auckland, each of whom video the day’s sunset as a way to bridge the distance between them.

Past videos

  • Dilohana Lekamge, Pilot - Gilmore Girls: Season 1, Episode 1 (2018)
  • Elizabeth Pointon, A Guide To: Effective Implementation of Self-Service (2017)
  • Aydriannah Tuiali’i (Ngā Puhi/Ngāti Hāmoa),Kōwhai (2017)
  • Sam Hamilton, More of less Rubbish (2017)
  • Sandy Gibbs, Lighting an old Flame (2017)
  • Mark Harvey, Let's Go! (2017)
  • Claire Harris, Beseated (2017)
  • Christina Read, The Brain My Brain (2017)
  • Lara Lindsay-Parker, Sad @ the beach (2017)
  • Matilda Fraser, The Eight Hours Plan (2017)
  • Guillaume Cailleau, Funktionslust (2017)
  • Anna Iti, All the way to Te Rerenga Wairua (2017)
  • Sriwhana Spong, Learning Duets (2012) / Beach Study (2012)
  • Melissa Irving, being-(t)here (2012)
  • Robyn Jordaan, The Present Continuous (2016)
  • Mike Ting, Kind of Blue (2016)
  • Sam Norton, Untitled 3 (2015)
  • Aliyah Winter, Eli Jenkins Prayer (2015)
  • Hugh Chesterman, i am who i am (who am i?) (2016)
  • Chris Ulutupu, Ladies (2016)
  • Kate Woods, Water Feature (2016)
  • Mike Heynes, Location!… location? (2016)
  • Sarah Jane Parton, The Best Trick (Everyone Smiles at Hotel Smile) (2016)
  • Bridget Reweti, Mana Tū, Mana Toa, Mana Ake Ake (2015)
  • Gabrielle Amodeo, Slow and mournfully; slow and sad; slow and solemnly (2013)
  • Caroline Johnston, Songs about PLEASE REMOVE (2014)
  • Heather Hayward, Les Mills Gym (2014)
  • Erica Sklenars, Popsicle (2011)
  • Jordana Bragg, How to water the roses (3) (2015)
  • Laura Duffy, Food fat insanity (2015)
  • Terry Urbahn, Don't Die Until Later (2013)
  • Denise Batchelor, Stranded (2015)

More information

Meredith Robertshawe, Senior Arts Advisor

Phone 04 803 8207