Assisted collections

People with disabilities or health conditions that prevent them from taking their rubbish and recycling to the kerbside can apply for assistance with collections.

Who qualifies for paid and free collections?

Applicants qualify for paid assisted collections if they can show that:

  • they have a disability or health condition that prevents them from taking rubbish (and co-mingled recycling) bags to the kerbside, and
  • there is no one in the household who is able to carry the rubbish (and co-mingled recycling) bags to the kerbside.

Applicants qualify for free assisted collection if they meet the above criteria and can:

  • provide evidence of financial hardship.

Assisted collections – Paid

For $225 a year, the Council will collect up to two official Council rubbish bags and two co-mingled recycling bags per week from your back door.

Assisted collections – Free

Free assisted rubbish and co-mingled recycling collection is also available if the applicant can prove financial hardship. 

How to apply

To find out more or to apply, download our application form and submit it via email or post. Once approved you can pay online.

Note: Co-mingled excludes glass bottles and jars – these need to be wrapped and put out in the rubbish. Terms and conditions apply. 

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