Bringing household rubbish to the Southern Landfill

There have been some changes to how and what you can bring to the landfill.

The following items are no longer accepted in the general waste area at the Transfer Station:

  • Green waste
  • Electronic waste
  • Recyclable paper and cardboard
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Steel and aluminium cans
  • Tyres

Please separate these items from your rubbish and drop them off at the recycling and composting services available on site. Most of this can be done for free except for televisions and monitors, fridges, freezers, green waste and tyres, which incur a small charge.

Tips to help you plan your visit

When you arrive at the landfill, please visit the Tip Shop & Recycle Centre first to drop off reusables and recyclables, including electronic waste. Then head up to the Transfer Station to drop off green waste, tyres, batteries, hazardous waste and general rubbish.

As you enter the Transfer Station please let our weigh bridge staff know if you have items to separate out. If you have more than one type of waste you may be asked to loop back through the weighbridge so that the correct charges can be applied.

Map of the landfill showing the tip shop and recycle centre at the first turn on the right, and the transfer station further along the road.

Loading your vehicle - remember, last on, first off

This will ensure that you can unpack your load quickly and easily at the different drop off areas. Keep the same materials together in piles in your trailer or vehicle and load up in the order below:

Cartoon image of a trailer showing the first thing you put on your trailer is the last thing to come off, asking people to load their trailers according to the layout of the landfill.

Load it right - cover it tight

Always remember to pack your load securely. Use a net, tie down straps or ropes, if needed.

More information: Southern Landfill charges