Reduce your business food waste

Keep your business food waste out of the landfill.

If your business creates high volumes of food waste, consider keeping it out of the landfill by sharing edible food – and turning food that is not able to be eaten into quality compost.

Ensure edible food is eaten

Foodprint – This handy app connects eateries with leftover food to customers who can purchase at a discounted price.

Edible food may be accepted by the following organisations, which coordinate the distribution of leftover food to those in need.

Compost food which is not edible

There are different composting options available, ranging from composting your own food waste onsite, to setting up a collection for it to be composted elsewhere. The best one for your business will depend on the amount of food waste you create, and available space.

Use the flowchart below to help choose the right system for you.