Para Kai Miramar Peninsula Trial

We're currently running a trial of different methods to reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfill.

COVID-19 update

Miramar Para Kai kerbside food waste collections operate at COVID-19 Alert Level 1-3.

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A number of households on the Miramar Peninsula are trialling a kerbside food waste collection service, and others are trying home composting options. We will be monitoring the trial’s success over 12 months, and will use the results and feedback to inform a city-wide solution for our food waste.

Organic waste is a major focus area for the Wellington City Council action plan, contained in the Wellington Regional Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (RWMMP) 2017 - 2023, a document which outlines a strategy to reduce waste by one third by 2027.

How much food waste actually goes to landfill?

Did you know that the average Wellington household disposes of 3.2kg of food waste per week? This adds up to 30,000 tonnes of food waste going to landfill per year, or the same weight as 62 jumbo jets! Either way you look at it – that’s a lot of waste that could be diverted and made into something useful, like compost!

You might think that food waste in a landfill simply breaks down naturally – however this is not the case. In a landfill, the food waste is buried by other rubbish and crushed, which limits its exposure to sunlight, oxygen, and helpful microorganisms. As it breaks down anaerobically (without oxygen), it releases more methane than it would if it decomposed naturally, like in a compost bin. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, and has roughly 30 times the impact of carbon dioxide on climate change! 

Why was the Miramar Peninsula chosen for the trial?

The Miramar Peninsula is an ideal study area as it has a diverse range of established communities which are representative of Wellington’s demographics, socioeconomics, and topography in a relatively small, easy to define area.

We are also working in partnership with Predator Free Wellington which aims to eradicate rats, mustelids and possums from Wellington City. Since rodents can be a problem associated with compost bins, any increase in pest numbers in the trial area within Miramar will be monitored throughout the trial.

More information

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