Wheelie bins and bin clips

Find out how to get a new, or replacement, recycling wheelie bin or wheelie bin clip.

Wheelie bin.

Recycling wheelie bins overview

Place paper, tins and cans, and accepted plastic in wheelie bins. Find out more: preparing your recycling for collections

Ensure you:

  • flatten boxes and put loosely into the wheelie bin as jammed cardboard will stop your bin being emptied.
  • close the lid of your wheelie bin and attach the wheelie bin clip so it doesn't fill with rain water and your recycling doesn't get blown away.

Weight limits for collection

  • The maximum weight of your wheelie bin when full should not exceed 20kg. This includes 5kg for the bin and 15kg for the contents.

How do I get a wheelie bin?

Wellington City Council has a list of houses that are entitled to wheelie bins and wheelie bin clips, These have been allocated to each property and should be there when you move in. Every Council wheelie bin has an address sticker, and an individual serial number heat stamped into it. The Council has recorded the serial number against the address the bin is issued to.

Note: Do not take the wheelie bin or clip with you when you move properties.

Criteria for getting a wheelie bin

Before calling us to find out if your property is entitled to a wheelie bin you may want to view the criteria for assessment for recycling wheelie bins.

To request a wheelie bin please call us  on 04 499 4444.

Properties that are not entitled to a wheelie bin will receive a yearly delivery of 52 recycling bags. These arrive on doorsteps from early April each year.

Replacing a lost, stolen or missing wheelie bin

You can get a replacement recycling wheelie bin if yours is lost or stolen. There is a service fee of $80 that covers the costs of replacing and delivering the bin.

The wheelie bin replacement service fee can be paid at Arapaki Manners Library and Service Centre.

Alternatively, you can pay online through internet banking. When making payment please don't leave the reference field blank. Please quote the following:

  • Service Request number or actual address, and
  • Make payment to ANZ account: 06 0582 0106111 00

We need to receive payment before we can deliver the bin. When payment has cleared, we'll deliver a wheelie bin and wheelie bin clip within ten working days.

Any questions, please contact the team on (04) 499 4444 or email suburb.wastecollection@wcc.govt.nz.

Wheelie bin clips

This initiative is part of Council’s Long-term Plan 2018-28 commitment to protect and enhance Wellington’s natural environment. New recycling wheelie bins are delivered with a wheelie bin clip, to ensure contents stay dry and secure.

Replacement clips

Council supplies the first clip free to residents with their recycling wheelie bin.

If your clip is lost or stolen, you can buy a replacement directly from SafeWaste The delivery of the product within New Zealand is free.

  • $14.90 including GST (price as at 10 February 2021).  

Installing your recycling wheelie bin and clip

As well as the installation video below, we’ve printed installation instructions on the packaging. Please don't put two clips on the recycling wheelie bin as it is a health and safety hazard for our collection team.