Eastern Walkway

The Eastern Walkway extends along the southern end of Miramar Peninsula from the Tarakena Bay to Pass of Branda. The track is 2.5 km long and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. The track surface is mainly gravel and much of the track is exposed.

Eastern Loop Walk map.

This walk starts at Tarakena Bay on Wellington’s south coast and has entry/exit points from Bury Grove, Sidlaw Street, Signallers Grove and Inglis Street (Pass of Branda). Along the walk there are Māori historical sites , as well as the Ataturk Memorial and spectacular views of Wellington harbour.


Starting at Tarakena Bay, head up hill to the Ataturk Memorial. The walk continues in the open until you pass Bury Grove and start to head in to the bush. The track leads down hill and across the eastern side of the ridge and then heads uphill again. The next junction is Sidlaw Street. From here you walk along the ridge. You come to a junction to Signallers Grove, but take a right and head downhill to stay on the walkway.

You drop down reasonably steeply to the road at the Pass of Branda.

Marker posts mean you can walk the walkway in either direction or follow Breaker Bay Road back along the coast to Tarakena Bay.

There are seats and picnic spots along the route.

Additional walk to Oruaiti (Point Dorset)

There is also an extra walk out to Oruaiti (Point Dorset) and back around the coast. Allow an extra hour to discover the area including the World War II gun batteries and observation posts. Please don’t climb or enter the observation posts as they are unsafe and near collapse. The track is steep in places and very exposed. Along the way you will see many Māori historical sites and spectacular views of Wellington Harbour. You will also learn about some of the fascinating history behind the geological formation and diverse local history of Miramar Peninsula.

Mountain bikers and cyclists are not permitted on this walkway.

Getting there

For public transport options, check the Metlink website

Get the map

Download the Eastern Walkway brochure, use the webmap of the Eastern Walkway or download the Welly Walks app. It has images, maps and instructions for the Eastern Walkway.


Dogs must be on leads outside dog exercise areas. Please remember to clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste appropriately.