Charles Plimmer Park

The large grassed area at the northern end is a commemorative tree site with good harbour views and seats that catch the late afternoon sun. The southern end of the park is a flat field.

Charles Plimmer Park
Charles Plimmer Park

Location: Lower slopes of Mount Victoria, overlooking the city.

How to get there:  Short walk from Oriental Bay or Courtenay Place.

Entrance and exit points:  Top of Majoribanks Street or Palliser Road.

Brief description:  An easy walking track links the two ends of the park.

The Majoribanks Street entrance is a starting point for the Hataitai to City Walkway, which joins the Southern Walkway at Alexandra Road. Tracks also lead to the lookout and summit of Mount Victoria.

Parking: Limited parking on Majoribanks Street and Palliser Road.

Accessibility:  Short, sealed path off Palliser Road. The southern end of the park is above steps at the top of Majoribanks Street.

Dogs:  Off-lead dog exercise area.

Mountain biking: The park is the start and end of many trails through Mount Victoria. For more information, see Enjoy the Outdoors - Mount Victoria.

History:  Charles Plimmer was the son of businessman and early settler John Plimmer. When he died in 1930 he left the income from his substantial estate to Wellington City Council for beautifying the city.

Friends groups: Mt Vic Revegers, Friends of Wellington Town Belt.

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