Associated organisations and services

Ākau Tangi Sports Centre is home to a variety of sport related organisations and services.

All these services and organisations are located on the Mezzanine, one floor above ground level (except Wishbone Cafe, located on the ground floor).


dsport provides sport, recreation and leisure opportunities for people with disabilities. Some of the programmes are integrated with mainstream sports, as part of ongoing partnerships with able bodied sports organisations.

dsport website

High Performance Sport New Zealand

High Performance Sport New Zealand provides top level service to carded athletes and coaches. It has a training centre within Ākau Tangi Sports Centre.

High Performance Sport New Zealand website

Netball Central Zone | Pulse

Netball Central Zone oversees the promotion, development and growth of netball by working actively with our centres in our zone to promote and encourage participation in netball.

Netball Central Zone website

Netball Wellington Centre

Contributing to the social health and well-being of our communities by providing netball that is accessible, desirable, rewarding and fun for players, coaches, umpires, managers, bench technicians and administrators of all ages, experience & abilities.

Netball Wellington Centre website

Wellington Basketball Association

Wellington Basketball provides social, competitive and junior leagues in a social environment, along with representative pathways and tournaments.

Wellington Basketball Association website

Wellington Sports Medicine

Wellington Sports Medicine provides an integrated approach to sports medicine treatment for high performance athletes, and all other athletes in the greater Wellington region.

Wellington Sports Medicine website