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Ākau Tangi Sports Centre is home to a variety of services including catering, physio, sports medicine, and high-performance training.

Health and fitness

High Performance Sport New Zealand

High Performance Sport New Zealand provides top level service to carded athletes and coaches. It has a training centre within Ākau Tangi Sports Centre.

High Performance Sport New Zealand

Wellington Sports Medicine

Wellington Sports Medicine provides an integrated approach to sports medicine treatment for high performance athletes, and all other athletes in the greater Wellington region.

Their offer includes sports physicians with physiotherapists, sports podiatrists, orthopaedic, cardiology, neurology and rheumatological specialists, sports massage therapists, sports nutritionist and sports psychologists. This allows a thorough assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the injured, unwell or 'poorly performing' athlete.

Located on the second level of the Sports Centre.

Wellington Sports Medicine

Wishbone cafe.
Wishbone café

Food and catering

Wishbone café is open seven days a week and offers a wide selection of cabinet food, a la carte and freshly made espresso coffee.

The café has options for children’s birthday parties, and the ability to fully cater for private events.

Phone: 04 496 3388