Penguin shipwreck memorial walk (Karori Cemetery)

The Penguin Walk is a self-guided tour of grave sites of people who died in the 1909 Penguin shipwreck.

The Penguin leaving Wellington.

The Penguin leaving Wellington


The inter-island ferry SS Penguin sank off Wellington's South Coast - a few kilometres from where the Wahine sank 60 years later. It was the worst New Zealand shipwreck that century. Forty of the 72 victims were buried at Karori Cemetery.


The walk takes between 1 and 2 hours to walk, depending on fitness.


The walk starts at the Hale Memorial. From the Main Chapel in Rosehaugh Avenue, cross the road, then the grassy area, then the road again to the Hale Memorial.

Markers guide the walk, and the graves of Penguin victims are identified with a Penguin wreck marker. Follow the map in the brochure below.