Skate parks

Council skate facilities in Wellington.

Skateboarding is a popular urban sport with many young people in Wellington.

There are Council skate parks throughout the city offering local and visiting skaters a range of fun, accessible spaces.

  • Waitangi Park - opposite Chaffers Street on the waterfront. The park has a wide variety of skate equipment and ramps for beginners and experienced skaters. It also has street skating equipment and concrete bowls.
  • Ian Galloway Park - Curtis Street, Northland. This park has a new wooden ramp that's higher and wider than the previous ramp.
  • Berhampore/Island Bay Skate Park - Adelaide Road, Island Bay, opposite Wakefield Park. This park's wooden mini-ramp was repaired and has a range of gradients.
  • Newlands - behind Newlands Fire Station on Newlands Road. Has an open concrete space and ramps. A recent extension has added more concrete space, ramps and street skating equipment.
  • Tawa - Davies Street, Tawa, behind Tawa Pool - has open concrete space, a ramp and street skate equipment.
  • Nairnville Park - corner Cockayne Road / Lucknow Terrace, Khandallah. This park has a concrete ramp.
  • Plantation Reserve - off Tirangi Road, Rongotai. This park has open concrete space and ramps with some rails.

Skate regulations

There is a Council bylaw governing skating in public spaces. While you can skate on most footpaths, there are some areas where skating is not allowed.

Public Places Bylaw - Skateboards and Skates

All Wellington City Council skate parks are smoke-free areas.


  • First offence - skateboard confiscated. $20 fine to recover it.
  • Second offence - skateboard confiscated. $40 fine to recover it after three working days.
  • Third or more offence - skateboard confiscated. There are fines of up to $750 for skating in a way that puts other people's safety at risk.

If you cause damage and don't report it you can be fined up to $5,000.