Skate parks

Council skate facilities in Wellington.

Skate park closures

Waitangi Skate Park will be closed for two events during March.


Waitangi Skate Park will be closed for the Bowlzilla  build and event on the following dates:

  • 5–6 March – partial closure
  • 7 March – full closure
  • 8 March – rain day
  • 9–10 March – partial closure.


Waitangi Skate Park will be closed for Homegrown:

  • from 7am Friday 20 March until 5pm Sunday 22 March

If the event is postponed the park will reopen 5pm Monday 23 March.

Skateboarding is a popular urban sport with many young people in Wellington.

There are Council skate parks throughout the city offering local and visiting skaters a range of fun, accessible spaces.

  • Waitangi Park - opposite Chaffers Street on the waterfront. The park has a wide variety of skate equipment and ramps for beginners and experienced skaters. It also has street skating equipment and concrete bowls.
  • Ian Galloway Park - Curtis Street, Northland. This park has a new wooden ramp that's higher and wider than the previous ramp.
  • Berhampore/Island Bay Skate Park - Adelaide Road, Island Bay, opposite Wakefield Park. This park's wooden mini-ramp was repaired and has a range of gradients.
  • Newlands - behind Newlands Fire Station on Newlands Road. Has an open concrete space and ramps. A recent extension has added more concrete space, ramps and street skating equipment.
  • Tawa - Davies Street, Tawa, behind Tawa Pool - has open concrete space, a ramp and street skate equipment.
  • Nairnville Park - corner Cockayne Road / Lucknow Terrace, Khandallah. This park has a concrete ramp.
  • Plantation Reserve - off Tirangi Road, Rongotai. This park has open concrete space and ramps with some rails.

Skate regulations

There is a Council bylaw governing skating in public spaces. While you can skate on most footpaths, there are some areas where skating is not allowed.

Public Places Bylaw - Skateboards and Skates

All Wellington City Council skate parks are smoke-free areas.


  • First offence - skateboard confiscated. $20 fine to recover it.
  • Second offence - skateboard confiscated. $40 fine to recover it after three working days.
  • Third or more offence - skateboard confiscated. There are fines of up to $750 for skating in a way that puts other people's safety at risk.

If you cause damage and don't report it you can be fined up to $5,000.