Hawkins Hill

A home to threatened native plants and rare insects, lizards and birdlife.

Location: Extends from Karori and Brooklyn to the south coast.

Entrance and exit points: Brooklyn wind turbine, or tracks from the Southern Landfill or the south coast.

Brief description: At 495 metres Hawkins Hill is a high point along the southern part of the Outer Green Belt reserves network.

The ridgeline continues south to Te Kopahou (485 metres) and the Te Kopahou Reserve and north to the Brooklyn Turbine area.

There is a range of walking and mountain biking tracks accessed from Brooklyn, the Karori Sanctuary fence line and Happy Valley Road.

Parking: Car park just beyond Brooklyn wind turbine.

Accessibility: Easy walk on sealed road from wind turbine.

Dogs: Dogs must be kept on a leash.

Mountain biking: Lots of beautiful trails linking Polhill Reserve to Te Kopahau Reserve. From Tip Track (probably the hardest climb in Wellington) to Barking Emu and Car Parts, which are fast, flowing single track back down to the Brooklyn Wind Turbine.

Features: The airport radar dome is an interesting structure on the ridgeline with the huge wind turbines to the west.

The area is home to threatened native plants such as Muehlenbeckia astonii (shrubby tororaro), speargrass and Brachyglottis lagopus (a yellow daisy-headed herb). It is also contains the rare speargrass weevil, lizards and birdlife.

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