Parks research and collection permits

You need to get the Council's permission to conduct research and/or collect material in Wellington City parks and reserves.

A park bench in front of a forest in the daytime.

This is because some collection and research activities have the potential to negatively affect natural resources or interfere with other park users.

How to Apply


If you are working to answer a research question and need to survey, collect, experiment or otherwise occupy the parks and reserves for the purpose of research; then please fill in the research permit application form.

Research Permit Application Form (450KB PDF)

Email the completed application to:


If you are collecting material for any purpose such as weaving, plant propagation, traditional and cultural purposes, etc.; then please fill in the collection permit application form.

Collection Permit Application Form (760KB PDF)

For applications related to Otari Wilton’s Bush or the Botanic gardens, email your completed application to:

For all other applications email: