Report graffiti vandalism

Help us to remove graffiti vandalism in public places by reporting it. If tagging is on your property, remove it quickly.

One of the most effective ways of managing graffiti vandalism is to remove it quickly.

How to report graffiti vandalism in public places

To report graffiti vandalism in public places, you can:

Fill in our online form

Or download our FIXiT app to report problems you discover around the city: Google Play | iTunes | Windows

Information to provide when reporting graffiti vandalism

When reporting graffiti vandalism, please provide:

  • your name and contact details
  • the exact location.

And if possible, include: 

  • a photo to help identify the tag and its location
  • what it says
  • what colour it is
  • what surface it is tagged on (for example: wooden door, concrete wall)
  • what it has been done with (for example: spray paint, market pen, scratched).

Offensive graffiti vandalism

To report offensive graffiti vandalism, call 04 499 4444. This ensures our staff and contractors can take urgent action.

Offensive graffiti vandalism includes:

  • racism, sexism, homophobia or other hate speech
  • discriminatory imagery or symbols such as swastikas
  • explicit pictures such as those of genitalia
  • any obscenities or swear words.

Seeing someone tagging

If you see someone tagging, do not confront the offender. Call 105 to report the offence.

Tagging on private residential or commercial property

Rapid removal is one way to prevent further tagging on your property.

  • It shows the area is looked after.
  • If tagging is left for an extended period, it can increase the chances of further tagging. 

Contact us

Phone: 04 499 4444