Carry out earthworks

Find out which Council consents and permissions you might need if you're planning a project that involves moving or removing soil or rocks.

A project involves earthworks if you'll be removing, relocating or depositing earth (including soil, clay and rock).

Resource consent

You may need a resource consent for earthworks, as they can affect the environment, other people or properties.

The resource consent process makes sure that earthworks don't:

  • cause instability on the work site, neighbouring properties or publicly-owned land
  • pollute waterways with sediment
  • create dust that bothers neighbours.

When you might need resource consent

The rules around earthworks are in Chapter 30 of the District Plan. If your project doesn't meet the criteria for your area, you'll need resource consent.

District Plan 30.1: Earthworks rules (241KB PDF)

To find out if your project needs resource consent you may wish to:

  • engage a professional to help you – this could be a planning consultant, architect or draughtsperson.
  • talk to a Council planning technician:
    The Resource Consents team is available 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 
    Phone: 04 801 3590

Resource consents

Other permissions you may need

If you're creating or changing a driveway or kerb

If you're creating a new driveway or doing work that will affect the existing driveway or kerb, you'll need vehicle access permission.

Create or change a driveway or kerb

If the work will encroach on the legal road

Wellington’s topography means you may sometimes need to use the road for your car deck or garage, or structures such as steps, fences or walls.

Use road reserve for private purposes