Buying or selling a property with an encroachment licence

There are things you need to do when you buy or sell a property with an encroachment licence – or you discover an unlicensed encroachment.

Buying a property with an encroachment licence

The new owner of the property will pay an administration fee of $74.75 for a new encroachment licence as part of the sale and purchase process.

Before the licence and lease agreement are issued, we will:

  • review the encroachment structure and make sure it's in good repair
  • check any annual fees are up to date.

If the structure is not in good repair, the new owner will be responsible for upgrading it or having it removed.

Check if a property has a current encroachment licence

A LIM report will state whether or not there's a record of a licence.

Otherwise, you can email or phone 04 801 4266 to check.

If you discover an unlicensed encroachment

The property owner is legally required to have an encroachment licence for the ongoing use of road reserve – so you will need to apply for an encroachment licence.

Contact us

The Encroachments team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Encroachments team
Phone: 04 801 4266