Applying for an extension of time

If you don't think you'll complete the work before your consent lapses, you'll need to apply for an extension of time.

How it works

To extend the time your resource consent is valid for, you need to show you have made efforts to fulfill the purpose and conditions of the consent, and ensure that you make an application prior to the consent lapsing.

In most cases, you have 5 years from the day the resource consent is granted – however, you need to check your consent for any specific time frames.

If your consent lapses before you apply for an extension, you will need to apply for a new resource consent.

How to apply

Once your application is submitted, the process takes up to 20 working days. If we need you to provide more information, the process will take longer and you may be charged extra fees.

1. Know what you need to provide

You'll need to provide:

  • a statement specifying how much extra time you are seeking
  • a timeline showing all progress that has been made since the original consent was granted
  • written approval of anyone considered affected by the granting of a time extension
  • assessment of effects of the time extension on the policies and objectives of any District Plan or Proposed District Plan.

2. Submit your application and pay the fee

Download the form

Extension of time for resource consent application (84KB PDF)

It costs $1400 to apply for an extension of time. You may get a refund or an invoice depending on how long it takes us to process your application.

3. We assess your application

A planner will consider your application and make a decision based on:

  • the amount of progress or effort you have made towards implementing your resource consent
  • whether anyone is likely to be affected by the extension of time
  • whether there have been any changes to the District Plan since your consent was granted.

If your application does not provide enough information, we may ask you to provide more detail. The means the process will take longer and may cost more.

If your extension is granted

We will send you our decision, including the new lapse date (expiry date) of the resource consent. Unless you have applied to change the conditions of your consent, all the requirements of your original consent will be the same.

If your extension is declined

You will need to apply for a new resource consent.

Contact us

The Resource Consents team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Phone: 04 801 3590