Building or extending within a noise boundary

If you're building or extending within the Wellington airport or port air noise boundaries, you must meet sound insulation requirements when building or extending.

Map showing the area within the air noise boundary of Wellington Airport
Map showing the area within the air noise boundary

Air noise boundaries

Special rules around sound insulation and ventilation apply to houses within the airport and port air noise boundaries. These rules help to reduce the annoyance of airport and shipping noise and protect residents' health.

Air noise boundary map (820KB PDF)

Port noise boundary map (172KB PDF)

When you need a resource consent

If your property is inside one of the noise boundaries, you’ll need to apply for resource consent to:

  • build a new house on your property
  • add new habitable rooms (if they do not meet the standard for noise insulation and ventilation).

Sound insulation standards

All new habitable rooms need to be insulated to ensure an acceptable noise level (defined in the District Plan as LDN 40 dB) when doors and windows are closed.

If the windows in the room can be opened, you must also provide a source of fresh air that is pumped from outside the house using a mechanical fan.

An acoustic engineer will need to certify that the proposed building or extension is designed to meet these requirements.

Using an agent to prepare your application

Applying for resource consent

We recommend you meet with us to discuss your plans with a planner and noise officer and get some advice before you apply for a resource consent.

Getting help with a building project

Resource consents

With your application documentation, you will need to provide certification from an acoustic engineer that shows the proposed building or extension is designed to meet the sound insulation requirements.

Supporting documents for a resource consent application

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