Compliance schedules for new buildings

If you're building or renovating a building that will contain specified systems, you'll need a draft compliance schedule to get your building consent.

Draft compliance schedule for building consent

You need a draft compliance schedule to apply for building consent for a new building that will contain specified systems.

The draft compliance schedule should include:

  • design features of the specified systems
  • proposed procedures for inspection, maintenance and reporting on the specified systems
  • the performance standard each system is supposed to meet for the life of the building.

Compliance schedule handbook – Building Performance

Applying for a building consent

Issuing your compliance schedule

Your compliance schedule and statement will be issued with your code compliance certificate.

When you apply for your code compliance certificate, you may be asked to provide documents like:

  • installation certificates verifying specified systems meet the requirements of the building consent and relevant standards
  • evidence the systems can perform to the standards in the building consent – for example results of tests
  • third party verification from accredited inspectors for fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

Applying for a code compliance certificate

Requirements in the first 12 months

You must display your compliance schedule statement somewhere in your building where it can be seen by all the building's users – for example, the entry foyer or reception area.

Your first BWoF is due 12 months after you receive your compliance schedule statement. This must show that you've been meeting the inspection and maintenance requirements of your compliance schedule throughout the first year by engaging with an independent qualified person (IQP) and keeping a log book of inspections.

Note: Be aware that the compliance schedule requirements may not be covered by a system's 12-month warranty.

Once you have your first BWoF, you must display that instead of the compliance schedule statement.

Building warrants of fitness (BWoF)

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