Locking your bike

Bike theft is becoming more prevalent – reduce your risk of theft by following these simple steps.

A bike is locked into a bike rack, and on the floor there are two signs with information about how to lock your bike securely.

Prevent bike theft

  • Get a good quality lock. There is great advice on what kind of lock to get on Consumer NZ's website.
  • Make sure the frame is securely locked to the bike park with a good quality d-lock or heavy duty chain lock. Just locking the wheels is not good enough.
  • Use a lighter cable lock to secure the front wheel to your frame.
  • Take all attachments such as lights, GPS and cameras off the bike when leaving locked up.
  • Try to choose a high traffic area to discourage potential thieves.

Lock in a deal

Many bike shops we spoke to are happy to provide a sizable discount on good quality locks to support you in upgrading your bike security. Here is a google map of bike shops in Wellington.

Register your bike

529 Garage is a community-based bike recovery service. It's free to register and your personal data is safe. You can also get an ID shield (at an additional cost) that makes easier to find you if your bike is recovered.

You can register your bike at 529 Garage.

Be considerate

Please consider other users of the area when parking your bike. 

Keep pathways and thoroughfares clear – pedestrians, wheelchairs and mobility scooters may need to get past your bike. 

Don’t block services for other users by locking bikes to water fountains, parking ticket machines, bus stops, etc.

Parking options are plentiful – if you are unsure, move your bike to somewhere where access is better.