Advanced stop boxes

Green stopping zones are improving safety at our busy intersections for people on bikes. 

The green stop boxes at intersections with a bicycle symbol painted on them are for people on bikes only. 

They give people on bicycles a head start when the light turns green, and improves safety by making them more visible to people in vehicles.

The ilustration shows a person on a bicyle standing on white diamonds painted on the road.

Tips for people on bicycles

Most intersections have magnetic sensors in the road that will detect the metal in your bicycle and trigger the lights to change – but be patient as it may take a minute or two for the lights to change to green. These marks on the road identify where the sensors are located:

  • a line of painted white diamonds
  • a slit or cut line in the surface of the road.

Watch a video on how to use advanced stop boxes:

Find out about bike detectors and bike specific traffic lights on Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s website.

Tips for people in motorised vehicles

These zones are not for motorised vehicles such scooters, motorbikes, cars, vans or buses.

The stop boxes mean that when you stop at a traffic light you need to:

  • stop behind the green stop box - not on it
  • be aware of people on bikes and share the road with them.