Move vehicles for road works

If contractors have to move a parked vehicle from proposed work areas, they must follow a particular process.

Man carrying pipe on roadside.

Road works contractors who need to move a vehicle

Contractors wanting to carry out road works must get all appropriate approvals before starting.

48 hours notice is required, and must include:

  • completing a letter drop about the parking restriction to all properties within 50m of the site
  • placing a notice under the windscreen wipers of cars in the affected work site area.

At least 12 hours before moving:

  • place signs or meter hoods displaying 'No Stopping' or 'Reserved Parking' at least every 6m along the road.

At the time of moving the vehicle:

  • photograph existing damage to the vehicle
  • have with them a person warranted in terms of Section 128D and Section 128E of Land Transport Act 1998 to authorise the removal of the vehicle/s
  • use a tow firm to relocate the vehicle/s to a nearby legal parking place
  • notify the Council and police immediately of the move and give details of the vehicle and relocation.

If a vehicle is illegally parked, contractors must contact the Council's Service Centre to have it moved.

If our Service Centre is unable to help, contractors can follow the process outlined above for moving the vehicle.

If you've had your vehicle moved because of road works

If contractors have moved your vehicle so that work on the road can be carried out, and you don't know where it's been moved to, contact the Council's Service Centre with the details of your vehicle and where it was moved from.

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