Street event road closures

Sometimes we close roads and restrict parking in order to host events around the city.

This page is regularly updated as new events and road closures are approved.

If you have any questions, contact:

July 2022

Saturday 2 July

Event: St James Theatre re-opening, 5.30pm-8pm

Traffic management - from 7am to 10.00pm: 

  •  7am: parking spaces outside the St James front doors will be closed. 
  • 7.30am:  pavement access directly outside the St James front doors will be diverted along the above parking bays, with disability ramps installed. The rest of the pavement will remain open.
  • 4pm–10pm: road closure from Tory Street to Taranaki Street, St James side of the road will be closed, with a diversion in place. This closure will remain in place until 10pm. Traffic flowing past Readings Cinema will not be affected. 
  • 4pm: Bus diversions, see details below* 
  • 8pm: event concludes. 
  • 10.00pm: Road re-opens.

VMS boards will be in place for 3 days prior to warn of the road closure and diversion.

Contact: Jamie Wilson  021 383681

*Bus diversions – from 4pm to 10pm:
Buses will be detouring via the route shown | Bus Diversions Map (450KB PNG)

  • There will be one temporary stop near 8 Cambridge Terrace - see map above.
  • A temporary bus stop sign will be at the head of the temporary bus stop, so travellers know where to wait.
  • Posters will be displayed at the two closed stops on Courtenay Place, directing travellers to the relocated bus stop.

Contact number for queries on the day of the event, 2 July : Metlink 0800 801 700 


Saturday 16 July

Event: All Black vs Ireland - Sky Stadium

Road closures:

Pre-event, 4pm

  • Featherston Street left lane closure to be installed with Bunny Street closure
  • Bunny Street closed at Featherston Street end Stout Street, no right turn into Bunny Street
  • Left Lane closure from Mulgrave Street to Whitmore Street
  • No left turn into Bunny Street, southbound Featherston Street

Post event, 6pm

  • Bunny Street closed at Featherston Street end
  • Stout Street, no right turn into Featherston Street and Bunny Street
  • Thorndon Quay closed (Davis Street to Mulgrave Street)
  • Mulgrave Street closed (Aitken Street to Thorndon Quay / Featherston Street)
  • Featherston Street closed

Contact: Traffic Management Fulton Hogan

October 2022

Tuesday 11 October

Event: Massey University Graduation

Road closure: Rolling lane closure starts 1pm. Lambton Quay to Willis Street to Mercer Street, to Civic Square.

Contact: Jayne Whyte, 021807695 or

Saturday 29 October

Event: Spring into Tawa

Road closure:

  • Main Road (between Lyndhurst Road intersection and Surrey Street roundabout)
  • Main road bus stops #3956 and #3916 moved to Oxford Street
  • Disabled parking available behind Pink Pineapple

Contact: Miranda Denton-Smith, 021 912 443

November 2022

Sunday 6 November

Event: Shelly Bay Sealed Sprint

Road closure: Massey Road (north entrance of Shelly Bay Defence Base to northern end of Scorching Bay reserve)


Saturday 26 November

Event: A Very Welly Christmas

Road closures: 12.01am, Saturday 26 to 9pm, Sunday 27 November:

  • Lambton Quay (Whitmore Street to Willis Street)
  • Ballance Street (Old Bailey side entrance to Lambton Quay)
  • Stout Street (Ballance Street to Lambton Quay)
  • Waring Taylor Street (intersection Maginnity and Waring Taylor to Lambton Quay)
  • Johnson Street (Wilson carpark to Lambton Quay)
  • Brandon Street (halfway on Brandon Street to Lambton Quay)

Contact: Jamie Wilson,

Saturday 26 to Tuesday 29 November

Event: Beers at the Basin

Road closure: 6am to 5pm daily, Slip Lane (between Buckle Street and Ellice Street)

Contact: Damien Hochberg, 027 291 9884

December 2022

Saturday 3 December

Event: Johnsonville Christmas Parade

Road closures/parking restrictions:

  • Wanaka Street, 6am to 4pm
  • Dr Taylor Terrace, 6am to 1:30pm
  • Moorefield Road (between Haumia Street and Johnsonville Road roundabouts), 10.45 am to 12 noon
  • Moorefield Road (between Johnsonville Road and Middleton Road roundabouts), 11am to 12:30pm
  • Rotoiti Street (closed to through traffic), 11am to 12:30 pm
  • Broderick Road (Phillip Street to Johnsonville Road) 11am to 12:30 pm
  • Johnsonville Road (from Fraser Avenue intersection to Moorefield Road roundabout) 11am to 12:30 pm
  • Frankmoore Avenue (between Earp Street and Moorefield Road), 11am to 12:30 pm
  • No Parking 6.30am to 3pm: Moorefield Road (western side from Wanaka Street to Frankmoore Avenue)
  • No Parking 7am to 1pm: Bannister Avenue, Broderick Road (Bannister Avenue to Phillip Street), Phillip Street, Frankmoore Avenue (Phillip Street to Earp Street)
  • Detour route: Johnsonville Road, Fraser Avenue, Haumia Street, Bannister Avenue, Broderick Road
  • Other roads that may be affected: Phillip Street, Earp Street, Ironside Road, Middleton Road and State Highway 1.


Sunday 4 December

Event: Kilbirnie Santa Parade

Road closures/parking restrictions:

  • Bay Road (Coutts Street to Rongotai Road), 6am to 1pm
    Mahora Street (South end of Pak Save carpark to Coutts Street), 6am to 1pm
    Rolling Lane Closure Parade starts 10.30am Mahora Street, to Rongotai Road to Bay Road to Coutts Street
    Parking restrictions will apply

Contact: Gary Holmes,

Sunday 4 December

Event: Thorndon Fair

Road closure (to be approved): 6am to 6pm

  • Tinakori Road (between Bowen Street and Harriett Street)
  • Hill Street (between Tinakori Road and Selwyn Terrace)


March 2023

Saturday 11 March

Event: Pride Parade Saturday

Road closure (to be approved):

  • 12 noon to 7pm, Tennyson Street (Tory Street to Cambridge Street)
  • Rolling lane closure for Parade starts 6pm - Tennyson Street, to Cambridge Street to Courtenay Place, to Taranaki Street, onto Taranaki Street Wharf.


Saturday 19 March

Event: Alexandra Hill Climb

Road closure: 7am to 6pm, Alexandra Road (Constable Street to Lookout Road


Friday 24 March

Event: Cuba Dupa

Road closures:

11.59pm, Friday 24 March to 3am, Monday 27 March:

  • Cuba Street (between Arthur Street/Karo Drive and Wakefield Street)
  • Manners Street (between Taranaki Street and Victoria Street)
  • Marion Street (Lower End, between Ghuznee and Swan Lane)
  • Dixon Street (between Taranaki Street and Victoria Street)
  • Eva Street (off Dixon Street)
  • Garrett Street (off Cuba Street)
  • Ghuznee Street (between Taranaki Street and Victoria Street)
  • Egmont Street (between Ghuznee Street and Dixon Street – restricted access)
  • Leeds Street (off Ghuznee Street)
  • Inglewood Place (between Taranaki Street and Dixon Street)
  • Abel Smith Street (between Taranaki Street and Victoria Street)
  • Wigan Street (western section off Abel Smith Street)
  • Kensington Street
  • Kelvin Grove
  • Swan Lane
  • Furness Lane
  • Lukes Lane
  • Victoria Street Slip Lane

7pm, Saturday 25 March 2023 to 5am, Sunday 26 March 2023:

  • Lane closure on Vivian Street to allow for safe passage of pedestrians to cross Vivian Street at key event times.


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