Get a speed hump on my street

Find out how the process for getting a speed hump on your street works.

We use speed humps to encourage motorists to drive slowly and carefully.

There are many other traffic calming measures that are considered or used before speed humps, as there are strict guidelines around installing speed humps which are set by local, national, and other best practice guidelines.

What happens after you contact the Council

After you contact us there are several ways we may respond.

  • We might decide that we need to do a parking review which can take up to three months and will help us decide if speed humps are the right choice or if some other action might be best.
  • We may decide that other traffic calming measures are more appropriate in the situation
  • It might be that we feel there isn’t a need for traffic calming measures in that area or street.
  • If we do decide that a speed hump is the best solution the process can take 6-9 months.

Need help?

If you think you need speed humps or would like someone to look at traffic calming measures on your street you can phone our Contact Centre on 04 499 4444 or email