Shelly Play

Join us for this late summer event when we’ll turn the Miramar peninsula coastal road into a family friendly playground, free from traffic.

Flat style illustration promoting the Shelly Play event for 2024

Āhea | When   12-5pm, Sunday 10 March 2024; Rain date Sunday 7 April. 
Ki hea | Where   Miramar Peninsula, Shelly Bay and Massey Road, from Miramar Avenue to Scorching Bay
Te utu | Cost  Free

Walk, Bike, Explore!

For one day only between Shelly Bay to Scorching Bay, we’ll have a family friendly focus, with a treasure hunt, games, and lots of activities for people of all ages.

Come by bike, bus, scooter, or on foot. Lots of active options are available for getting to Shelly Play including along Wellington’s bike network, on a bus, or as part of a tour. 

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