Tūpiki Ora
Māori strategy

Read the Tūpiki Ora Māori strategy, which outlines a Māori-led response to wellbeing.

Kia mauri ora te taiao, kia mauri ora te whānau, kia mauri ora te ao Māori.

The vitality of our environment is nourished, the wellbeing of our whānau is fostered, te ao Māori is embraced and celebrated.

The pursuit of wellbeing

Stylised red double hulled waka sailing in Wellington harbour.

Tūpiki Ora is a metaphor for the pursuit of wellbeing. It establishes the shared commitment of Wellington City Council, mana whenua and Māori, to find new ways to help our whānau thrive. It supports a Māori-led response to uplifting the state of wellbeing of whānau, that is anchored in the whakapapa relationships between people, place and nature. The strategy follows the signing of the Tākai Here partnership agreement between the Council and mana whenua in April 2022.

While this strategy focuses on the next 10 years, our collective aspirations extend well beyond this timeframe. We're committed to ensuring that the decisions made over the next 10 years will be felt by the mokopuna of Pōneke in 50 years’ time.

With mana whenua and our hapori Māori, we identified four priority waypoints that connect the short-term and long-term actions to the outcomes and vision of Tūpiki Ora.

  1. Te whakatairanga i te ao  Māori enhancing and promoting te ao Māori
  2. Tiakina te taiao  Caring for our environment
  3. Te whakapakari pūmanawa  Building capability
  4. He whānau toiora  Thriving and vibrant communities

The approval of Tūpiki Ora is a critical decision within the historical context of the city over the last 182 years.

The Pūroro Rangaranga Social, Cultural and Economic Committee adopted The Tūpiki Ora Māori partnership strategy on 5 May 2022.

We invite you to read the full Tūpiki Ora Māori partnership strategy (3.4MB PDF)

Tūpiki Ora action plan

Our Tūpiki Ora action plan sets out the steps for implementing the vision of strategy. The aim is to ensure te ao Māori is embraced and celebrated in Wellington City. It also fosters whānau wellbeing and and nourishes our environment.

The plan outlines the way the Council whānau, including business units and council-controlled organisations, will support kaupapa Māori initiatives - by Māori, for Māori - developed in partnership with mana whenua. It collects business unit strategies, as they relate to the needs and aspirations of mana whenua and Māori in the city.

Pūroro Rangaranga Social, Cultural and Economic Committee approved the plan on 4 August 2022.

Tūpiki Ora Action Plan 2022-2027 (1.29MB PDF)