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Oppose proposed Road Stopping Jaunpur Crescent, Broadmeadows

By changing the road reserve between 8 and 28
Jaunpur Crescent the council will change the
character and nature of Jaunpur Crescent. We
had no expectation that this would happen.
The will affect our views,privacy and alter,
the character of Jaunpur Crescent We oppose
the road stopping and sale of this land for
development and wish to retain it as it
currently is.

Submitted by Albert Ronals Zoest
Opened 3 February 2012
Closed 3 April 2012


Total: 56

Name Suburb City
Sommart Wanwimolruk Broadmeadows Wellington
Jasmine Zoest Auckland CBD Auckland
Martin Chin Broadmeadows Wellington
Renee Waihi Broadmeadows Wellington
Rosauro Nava Broadmeadows Wellington
Diane Anderson Broadmeadows Wellington
Andrew Godinez Broadmeadows Wellington
Jason Moses Broadmeadows Wellington
Jim potiki Broadmeadows Wellington
Shirley Potiki Broadmeadows Wellington
Dayle Jackson Broadmeadows Wellington
Audrey Chung Singapore Singapore
Alice Chua Jurong West Central 1 Singapore
Joyce Toh Central Singapore
Sindy Chua Yishun Avenue 7 Singapore
Angela Toh Singapore Singapore
Peter Chung Brooke Drive Wellington
Han Zhang Johnsonville Wellington
Chung Kenneth Song Chin SARAWAK SIBU