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Greta Point Cycle Lane Removal

The removal of the cycle lane from around Greta Point creates a greater hazard for cyclists in this area. In addition, plans to construct traffic islands down the centre of the road further add to lane constriction and the potential for a collision. I believe the council should be promoting cycling to and from work not making it a more dangerous exercise. I propose the council reinstate the north bound cycle lane.

Submitted by Peter Blaxter
Opened 4 April 2008
Closed 4 May 2008


Total: 796

Name Suburb City
Richard Mansfield Karori Wellington
Jake Brown Aro Valley Wellington
chris manson Aro Valley Wellington
Gareth Baxter Wilton Wellington
Craig Bellhouse Mornington Wellington
Matt Barnett Miramar Wellington
Peter Blaxter Kilbirnie Wellington
Bronwyn Bell Island Bay Wellington
Russel Garlick Miramar Wellington
Jill Skinner Miramar Wellington
Christian Hoerning Newtown Wellington
Brad Carter Newtown Wellington
Liam Drew Wilton Wellington
Benjamin Sutherland Mt Cook Wellington
Neil Hickford Waterloo Lower Hutt
Erik VanderSpek Kilburnie Wellington
Constanze Schwind Newtown Wellington
Ulrike Neumann Kilbirnie Wellington
Anne Bieleski Northland Wellington
sophie hart kelburn wellington