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Introduce a 30km zone in Berhampore

We request that Wellington City Council introduce a 30km zone along Adelaide Road through Berhampore to ensure the safety of all its users.

Adelaide Road through Berhampore is a busy and narrow road. The road is a throughfare for commuters between Island Bay and the CBD. The traffic at peak times and in the weekend is high.

In all neighbouring suburbs (Newtown, Karori and Island Bay ), lower speed zones have been put in place.

Submitted by Willemijn Vermaat
Opened 22 April 2014
Closed 17 June 2014


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Name Suburb City
Willemijn Vermaat Berhampore Wellington
Curtis Nixon Berhampore wellington
Becky Masters Berhampore Wellington
jonathan Ramsay Berhampore Wellington
Michelle Liles berhampore Wellington
Sarah Adams lyall bay wellington
Hilleke Townsend Lyall Bay Wellington
Will Moore Newtown Wellington
Jo Coffey Berhampore Wellington
Sonya Cameron Island Bay Wellington
Jenny Ryan Berhampore Wellington
Cameron PooleSmith Berhampore Wellington
Paul Bruce Brooklyn Wellington
Jo Bailey Island Bay Wellington
Royal Wakefield Cannons Creek Porirua
laurie Foon Berhampore Wellington
Oli Brooke-White Berhampore Wellington
Ben Zwartz Vogeltown Wellington
Hanah Mackintosh Newtown Wellington