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Don't kill the pigeons! Sign if you want the pigeon problem in Wellington City solved humanely!

Should we not be trying to move forward instead of backward? It has been proven in cities throughout the world time and time again that the poisoning, shooting & trapping methods for controlling pigeons do not work, and in the long term create larger flock numbers and social problems within the community e.g. dead birds in the city and over-population of other birds such as sparrows and seagulls.

Submitted by Kingsley Hannah
Opened 11 January 2008
Closed 11 February 2008


Total: 770

Name Suburb City
kingsley hannah avonhead christchurch
jonathan kundra Montparnasse Paris, France
Nona Smith Manhattan NYC, NY 10011
Vivian Harris Middlesex County Piscataway, NJ USA
Charis Palmer Col Hts. Portland, oregon USA
Kim Zaviski Maricopa Tempe
Catherine Zinda Payette New Plymouth
Teresa Whatley I'm in the United States Lake Forest, CA 92630
liz clarke whaley bridge, derbyshire,england,uk
Thomas Garvie netherburn larkhall
Reti Weisberg Miami Miami
Thomas Davison Durham Durham,England
edward doran bedford bedford ,,,,,uk
Maureen Hooper USA White Lake, Michigan
Trees Gray Palm Bay, Fl. Palm Bay
Carole Campbell NY NY USA
joseph porasso Bernal Heights san francisco
Carol Mahaffy Glenrothes Fife
LeRoy Weisberg Miami USA
Lilia McGonigle Passeic County Ringwood, NJ 07456