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Save the Khandallah Summer Pool from Closure

The summer pool is a treasured part of the northern suburbs, well loved by generations of families and their children. Sure it is a bit tired, showing the effects of no investment for over fifty years, but permanent closure is not the answer!  We recognise things are tight for Council, but we don’t want a brand new pool, just to save the existing facility from closure so that the next generation of children can enjoy its unique experience.

While other facilities across the city were being invested in and upgraded, the Khandallah Summer Pool has suffered from a lack of any investment for over fifty years.  There is no similar outdoor pool facility across the northern parts of the city where children and teenagers can hang out over the summer holidays in a safe, active environment. Once closed, it is lost to the city forever.

Submitted by John McGrath
Opened 21 February 2024
Closed 12 May 2024


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Kirsty Ferguson Ngaio Wellington
Danny Redhill Khandallah Wellington
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