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Help reduce food costs for local communities. Plant more food bearing plants in public spaces.

"Wellington will preserve its parks, trees and open spaces"
Why not help make them even better?
Help put more food bearing trees and plants into our city.
Help improve our environment.
Help reduce the costs to families by promoting freely available food within our communities now and in the future.
There is no more local food than the food that grows in your own backyard.
Every tree that bears fruit feeds people not just now, but generations into the future.
Help feed the future.

Submitted by Fredd Marshall
Opened 12 August 2009
Closed 12 February 2010


Total: 590

Name Suburb City
Fredd Marshall Te Aro Wellington
Amy Brown Richmond Melbourne
Maria van der Meel Island Bay Wellington
Anne Walker Southgate Wellington
Aj Sheterline Stokes Valley Lower Hutt
Thaw Naing mount vic wellington
Elizabeth Marshall Otorohanga Otorohanga
Jaap Nieuwland Southgate Wellington
Rachel Walker Southgate Wellington
Ron Eckman Lyall Bay Wellington
Signe Thomsen Newtown Wellington
Tom Robinson Brooklyn Wellington
Alix Campbell Berhampore Wellington
Matthew Bartlett Aro Valley Wellington
Michael Harvey Aro Valley Wellington
Emily Macrae Eastbourne Wellington
Ann Reed Mt Eden Auckland
Richard Jewell Kelburn Wellington
Perrine Gilkison Mount Cook Wellington
Harley Williams Mt Roskill Auckland