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Bring forward improvement of Cheyne Walk Play Area.

I would like the council to do the work on Cheyne Walk Play Area a lot earlier than planned so that families in our area have a safe and interesting place to meet and play. The equipment is very old and there is not much for children to play on. The other playgrounds in Newlands are too far away for children to walk to and people shouldn't have to drive to get to a good playground.

Submitted by Kareem Omar
Opened 13 January 2014
Closed 13 March 2014


Total: 139

Name Suburb City
Mary-Therese Nalder Newlands Wellington
Anna Borrer Titahi Bay Porirua
Jo Fisk Fairfield Lower Hutt
Anne Smith Newlands Wellington
Jenny Lambert Newlands Wellington
Andrew Lambert newlands Wellington
David Foster Newlands Welington
Nerys Foster Newlands Welington
Brenda Johnston Johnsonville Wellington
Rachel Kelly Petone Lower Hutt
Eva Koorey - Te Huki Newlands wellington
Nadine Kuiper Newlands Wellington
Simon Roper Newlands Wellington
Charmaine Roper Newlands Wellington
Alan Bennie Newlands Wellington
Malena Haeata kilburnie Wellington
Jason van Hattum Woodridge Wellington
Nik Mounter Woodridge Wellington
Jennifer Purvis Johnsonville Wellington