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Bring forward improvement of Cheyne Walk Play Area.

I would like the council to do the work on Cheyne Walk Play Area a lot earlier than planned so that families in our area have a safe and interesting place to meet and play. The equipment is very old and there is not much for children to play on. The other playgrounds in Newlands are too far away for children to walk to and people shouldn't have to drive to get to a good playground.

Submitted by Kareem Omar
Opened 13 January 2014
Closed 13 March 2014


Total: 139

Name Suburb City
Jacqueline Dobbs Ngaio Wellington
hazel richards hikurangi northland
Matt Gallagher Makara Wellington
Kirsty Walker Newlands Wellington
Meredith Smith Hoon Hay Christchurch
Kayleigh Wharton Mt. Victoria Wellington
Jan Win Newlands Wellingtin
Emma Dinsdale-Dette Newlands Wellington
John Telfer Mt Cook Wellington
Sheree Harris Newlands Wellington
Megan Kingston-Burke Paparangi Wellington
Sandy Morgan Newlands wellington
Janice Young Elsdon Porirua
Hiren Mistry Newlands Wellington
Claire Mistry Newlands Wellington
Carolyn Thomas Newlands Wellington
Jane Gordon Karori Wellington
Vanessa Matai'a Rototuna Hamilton
Tania Graham Newlands Wellington
Heather Lange Newlands Wellington