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Traffic Management changes affecting Central Terrace, Glasgow Street and Upland Road

Banning the right hand turn out of Central Terrace onto Glasgow Street & creating a roundabout at the intersection of Glasgow Street & Upland Road. This is a very dangerous turn and the safety of all people both driving up the hill and turning from Central Terrace into the traffic needs to be considered. The position of the pedestrian crossing at the Upland Road intersection also needs addressing.

Submitted by Lisa Locke
Opened 26 August 2011
Closed 26 October 2011


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Name Suburb City
Lisa Locke kelburn wellington
Nancy Marquez Kelburn Wellington
Nicky Riddiford Kelburn Wellington
Patricia Thompson Kelburn Wellington
Jeremy Valentine Kelburn Wellington
Duncan Ferrier Wadestown Wellington
Justine Moore Island Bay Wellington
kerrie-lee magill Kelburn Wellington
Dean Riddell Mt Victoria Wellington
Iain Thorpe Kelburn Wellington
Vicki Jones wadestown wellington
Rachel Porteous Kelburn Wellington
samantha murray kelburn Wellington
Philippa Harray Wadestown Wellington
Vicky Fabian Highbury Wellington
Maree Edwards Kelburn Wellington
Stephen Jones Wadestown Wellington
Kathy Ferrier Wadestown Wellington
Ian Goodwin Kelburn Wellington
Maria van der Meel Island Bay Wellington